Sample Hero Marker

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This is how the Georgia run will work -
There will be a pre-staked Hero Marker every mile covering 164 miles. We run for over 600 heroes so all markers will have multiple names. The marker will have a date and time that the runners will arrive. The timing is very specific and will be listed by mile at specific intervals. A small core team of athletes running 8-9 minute miles will arrive at the designated time (or as close as possible). When runners arrive at the hero marker they will be carrying three flags, American, Georgia State, Honor and Remember and Sacrifice Flags. They will hand those flags to any three people waiting at the marker (veterans, or supporters, not necessarily family). They will then read the name of the hero, branch of service and date of death. Then plant the small American flag and Honor and Remember flags , come to attention and salute. (or kneel and say a few words in reverence). Runners will take turns carrying and flags and hero cards. After salute the runners will pay respects to waiting immediate family members if present with a hug. Retrieve flags from those holding and then begin next mile. This will be accomplished in 90 seconds or less. There will be no hesitation, other families are waiting ahead. Each mile is specifically accounted for,10 minutes apart. Families can fellowship before and after runners arrive at that mile.

1. Runners approach Hero Marker
2. Hand 4 flags over to waiting people if available. (otherwise hold)
3. Flags held at attention by people at marker
4. Runners read hero information place in ground.
5. Runners salute the hero and family. (pay respects)
6. New hero card is handed to a runner for the next mile.
7. Runners retrieve 4 flags and turn in a military manner and move to next.